domain name extensions price comparison

USD 49.00
USD 49.99
USD 73.00**
USD 59.95
USD 148.50**
USD 87.00**
USD 1.90
USD 159.00
USD 3.95
USD 89.00
USD 204.00
USD 249.00
USD 11.99
USD 9.95
USD 9.95
USD 13.00
USD 39.00
USD 19.99
USD 7.99
  • 1&1
  • (Colombia)
USD 15.41
USD 4.95**
USD 0.99
  • 1&1
  • (Generic)
USD 33.00
USD 12.87**
USD 35.00
USD 75.00
USD 109.00
USD 43.00**
USD 129.00
USD 64.00
USD 55.00
USD 109.00
USD 790.00
USD 7.95
USD 98.00
USD 70.00**
USD 17.00
USD 9.95
USD 2.90
USD 9.90
USD 19.00
USD 29.00
USD 80.00
USD 19.00
USD 39.00
USD 60.00
USD 109.99
USD 6.00
USD 0.99
  • 1&1
  • (Generic)
USD 59.00
USD 53.00
USD 21.00
USD 25.00
USD 7.99
USD 39.99
USD 6.99
USD 177.00
USD 29.00
USD 7.99
USD 3.95
USD 9.90
USD 27.99**
USD 3.95
USD 53.00
USD 9.75
USD 6.04
USD 7.00
USD 49.00
USD 126.00
USD 32.05
USD 9.99
USD 9.99
USD 599.00***
USD 9.95
USD 19.00
USD 3.99
USD 29.00
USD 19.00
USD 9.90
USD 69.00

Registration Guidelines


Domainwright is an innovative domain name price comparison site that allows you not only to compare the price of registering your new web domain name - with access to instant price information from over 40 top domain name registrars - it is the only site of its kind that tells you whether the domain name is available to register in an instant.

For fast results, simply fill in the search box above with the domain name you want, choose your required extension from the drop-down box of over 70 global and country-specific options and hit ‘Search’.  This will provide you with the domain name extensions price comparison feature.

If your domain name is available, you will be shown the lowest registration prices from over 40 domain name registrars and you can click straight through to register your new low cost domain name immediately.

If the domain name isn’t available, you’ll be provided with a number of alternative suggestions to choose from or you can search for another domain name.


How To Choose

A Domain Name is the official title for the name of a website. Whether you want a website for personal use or for your business, you’ll need to choose a domain name first.


Make sure it’s easy to spell so that your site visitors will be able to enter it correctly when they want to go to your website.


Ensure it’s easy to remember too so your clients and customers or friends and family can always find you online.


Keep the name fairly brief for the same reason, think Apple and Argos rather than Trendy but Expensive Computers and Everything for the Home and Garden!


Which Extensions Should I Choose?

The extension is the part of the domain that comes after the name.  For instance, in the web address '.com' is the extension.

There is a selection of over 70 extensions to choose from in the database and you should choose the appropriate extension for your site topic or country location.

If you want to appear local to your customers then choose your country’s extension or the extension that best suits the nature of your business. If you have big plans it may be better to choose .com as it is a global extension.

Once you have thought of a domain name and extension, you will need to register it with one of the many domain name registrars.  All registrars offer the same basic service, but at varying prices, dependant on certain pricing factors which can include 'extras'.  You may also need web space to host your web page(s) dependant on your reason for registering the domain name.